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T & T Group of Companies offers highly specialized trucking services and over 40 years of experience in long haul trucking to clients from Ontario to British Columbia.


We are a common carrier. With that, designation comes with federal and provincial rules and regulations that we abide by. These include licenses, load paperwork, inspections, food handling procedures, hours of service, and electronic logging. As a common carrier, we ensure every aspect of our business is integrated with industry leading standards.


T & T Group offers both perishable and dry food transportation in our multi-temperature and single temperature reefer trailers.

According to Statistics Canada, Canadians spend almost $100 billion on food and beverages every year. All food products you see at local grocery stores are shipped and hauled by refrigerated and non-refrigerated trailers.  T & T Group ensures scheduled delivery times are adhered to, even during holiday peak schedules. We strive to keep your businesses demand satisfied.

Container Transportation

Freight containers are a reusable transport and storage unit for moving products and raw materials between locations. In Saskatchewan, we ship significant quantities of farm produce and manufacturing goods abroad and import resources from all over the world. Large-scale container management is an integral part of reducing costs for the transportation of bulk quantities of goods and services trade.

Container Storage

In order to manage the large-scale container utilization, it is essential for proper storage either prior to destination delivery or after. T & T Group’s storage facility offers another great service to our customers transportation needs. Our specialized equipment and space allows offers highly beneficial container capacity management for your business.

Traffic Planning and Load Tracking

With the every-increase popularity of technology in transportation, T & T Group has integrated many of the important advances to best manage our customers’ needs. These include, but are not limited to, GPS, Satellite messaging, load tracking, and weather pattern tracking. Our dispatch utilizes these tools to maximize the knowledge of every load handled by T & T Group.

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