T & T’s second mark of excellence is the pride and know-how that comes with a company managed by people who know and understand the trucking industry. Experienced leaders guarantee that every detail – from dispatch to drop-off – is fully taken care of.  Their pride shows!

Graham Newton

Director, President, T & T Group of Companies
With a background in finance and the first-hand experience he gained through working with  Henry Thiessen, one of the founding brothers of T & T Trucking, over the years, Graham has what is takes to carry out the duties of President.  His education is diverse, with his Masters in Business together with a Class 1A license, he is able to understand all aspects of this complex business of trucking.  Reflecting the values and quality standards set in place by Henry, Graham carries the “Thiessen traditions” strongly into the future.

Lynn Muyard

Director, Vice President, Operations, J & T Trucking Ltd.
In 1993, the T & T Group acquired J & T Trucking Ltd. with its solid foundation in the common carrier niche. Lynn Muyard has had the opportunity to work side by side with Henry Thiessen and has a full understanding of customer priorities and concerns and has the experience to manage transportation and distribution requirements efficiently.

Wendy Newton

Vice President, Administration, T & T Group of Companies
As a daughter of Henry Thiessen, Wendy also has trucking in her blood. Prior to her many years with T & T, Wendy spent eight years working for a major grocery wholesaler and this experience has been valuable in understanding our customer needs.

Rick Thiessen

Vice President, Operations, T & T Trucking Ltd.
Without a doubt, Rick knows trucking. Raised in a trucker’s home, Rick has had years of exposure to the industry through a father who was a driver and a manager for T & T in Alberta. Rick also sold tractor/trailers for five years and was truck sales manager at a dealership before joining T & T Trucking Ltd. in June 1994.

John Fehr

Safety Manager, T & T Group of Companies
We are proud to have John onboard as our safety manager. He entered the trucking business 30 years ago and has been employed by T & T Group of Companies for the last 26 years. John has had the opportunity to grow with T & T over the years. His experience and years of service are a valuable asset to promote safety.